Postcards of Southern Patagonia : Santa Cruz Province, 1930s

As the dominant economic activity for many years, sheep ranching and its associated tasks were an obvious choice for visiting photographers. These postcards were originally published in the 1930s by Kohlmann, Buenos Aires: the scanned images were kindly provided by Gerhard Ehlers.

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Ranch Activities

marking lambs (1) marking lambs   dipping (2) dipping  
shearing (3) shearing by hand
carting wool (4) carting wool

Sheep, sheep, sheep

Estancia Anita (5) Ea. La Anita   on the move (6) on the move  
flock (7) penned

At the Port

loading bales (8) loading wool  
unloading the mail (9) unloading mail
  disembarking passengers (10) arriving passengers

Photo credits: Gerhard Ehlers (1-10)
Last updated: 7-V-2006