Coins and Tokens of Southern Patagonia

In the course of history, tokens have been an alternative means of paying workers: at times tying the labourer to the "company store", at others supplementing a shortage of legal tender. Whatever the reason, several series of tokens were issued in southern Patagonia, mostly by large ranching companies. Also, a private gold coinage was operated for some years by the adventurer Julio Popper in Tierra del Fuego.

Materials for this album have been generously provided by Dick Hanscom, who would like to hear from readers about items similar to those shown here.

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(1) Popper -- El Páramo

popper gold 5g obverse

popper gold 5g reverse
(2) Popper -- Lavaderos de Oro del Sud

spring hill obverse

spring hill reverse
(3) Spring Hill
after 1891

explotadora obverse

explotadora reverse
(4) Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego

menendez obverse

menendez reverse
(5) Primera y Segunda Argentina

baker obverse
baker reverse
(6) Explotadora del Baker

patagonian sheep uniface
(7) Patagonian Sheep Farming
before 1908?

hotel imperial obverse
hotel imperial reverse
(8) Imperial Hotel
after 1916?

(9) British Association of Magallanes
no date

Photo credits: Dick Hanscom (1-9)
Last updated: 29-XI-2012