Postcards of Southern Patagonia : Punta Arenas, c1910

By the close of the 19th century, the "world's southernmost town" of Punta Arenas was rapidly developing into a modern city, thanks mainly to the profits of sheep ranching. Public telephone and electric services were inaugurated in 1898, and many fine buildings date from the following decade. It is not surprising, therefore, that several series of postcards were printed locally during this period. Thanks to Dick Hanscom for supplying these examples.

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Public Buildings

Civil Administration
(1) Civil Administration
  Naval Administration
(2) Naval Administration

Private Mansions

Mauricio Braun
(3) Mauricio Braun
(4) Stubenrauch

Sara Braun
(5) Sara Braun

Commercial Buildings

José Menéndez
(6) José Menéndez
  Two Banks
(7) Two Banks

Major Streets

Calle Atacama
(8) Calle Atacama
  Calle Ñuble
(9) Calle Ñuble

Avenida Colón
(10) Avenida Colón

Calle Roca
(11) Calle Roca
  Avenida Colón?
(12) Avenida Colón?

Other Facilities

Loreto Mine
(13) Loreto mine
  Incoming cargo
(14) Incoming cargo

Cargo pier
(15) Cargo pier

Photo credits: Dick Hanscom (1-15)
Last updated: 27-VII-2004