Marine Transportation in Southern Patagonia

Life in Patagonia, located at the far south of the American continent, was closely linked with the sea. Supplies of all kinds arrived mostly by ship; in particular from the northern hemisphere, which also became a major export market for the region. The volume of passenger traffic was also high: public officials, businessmen, immigrants and their families all arrived by ship: and this remained the normal means of travel (regional, national and international) for many years. Nonetheless, ship-building was limited principally to small wooden vessels, meeting the needs of inshore fishermen.

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native canoe
(8) native canoe

Punta Arenas pier
(1) major port

Puerto Natales chart
(6) hydrographic chart
  R. M. S. Orita
(2) transatlantic shipping
  southern breezes
(7) southern breezes

Puerto Bories cargo ship
(3) cargo vessel
  Strait of Magellan ferry
(5) local ferry
  barge transporting wool
(4) transporting wool

Photo credits: Manuel Becerra (5); Jens Beyersdorf (3); Graciela Grace (7); Rae Gregory (2); Robert Runyard (1,4,6); South American Mission Society (Tunbridge Wells, England) (8)
Last updated: 2-XI-2004